Bringing the Vietnamese Tea Brand to the World

Bringing the Vietnamese Tea Brand to the World

Suong Mai Tea Company has targeted to preserve the Vietnamese tea culture traits and bring Vietnamese tea to the world.

Suong Mai tea has been used as gifts of Vietnamese leaders during their trips to Japan and Thailand. It was also chosen by the embassies of France, Russia, South Africa and Laos in Vietnam as a gift for their partners. In addition, the product made in Thai Nguyen, the tea capital of Vietnam, has been exported to Russia, France, the US and Japan.

Suong Mai Tea Company is found by Mr. Bui Huy Hung and Ms. Le Thi Mai, a nutritionist trained in Japan. Since its establishment, the company has determined that the standardization of the quality process is a prerequisite for the journey to bring the Vietnamese tea brand to the world. Therefore, Suong Mai has created different values in production as well as raised the value of Vietnamese tea trees. 

All production phases of Suong Mai tea are done in a self-contained process with a bacteria free and sterile environment. Suong Mai tea trees are planted and cared for very carefully and collected in the early morning when the dew drops on the tea leaves have just melted.

Suong Mai Tea Company is the first business in Thai Nguyen to be granted a certificate of safe food supply chain, specifically in the three stages of planting, tending and harvesting, production and processing and packaging.

It is also the first brand that has been granted a certificate and stamp of a clean food chain by the department of agriculture and rural development of Thai Nguyen province. It has also been honored as a green enterprise for consumers and is a sustainable development business.


Suong Mai tea products. Photo: Thanh Giang/VNP
At the Suong Mai Tea Company's showroom. Photo: Thanh Giang/VNP

 According to Ms. Le Thi Mai, Vietnam’s green tea has much more abundant nutrients, vitamins and amino acids than green tea from other countries in Asia. Using this great value of Vietnamese tea trees will create high-quality products that satisfy Vietnamese consumers.

With a special climate and soil, Tan Cuong – Thai Nguyen is suitable for growing tea trees. The product processed from tea of the land has a wonderful aroma, sweetness, green color and high nutritional content.  

All products of Suong Mai are made from Tan Cuong green tea using Japanese and Nano silver technologies. Besides their traditional products, Suong Mai Tea Company also has products such as cosmetic and weight loss products produced by an advanced technology line. With this technology, Suong Mai also has discovered the formula of extracts of vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, and catechin antioxidant radicals with the best content from green tea for other products. 

Story: Thao Vy/VNP  Photos: Tran Thanh Giang & Files Translated by Nguyen Tuoi