B’lao Marinated Tea

B’lao Marinated Tea


In the northern provinces of Vietnam, Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang and Phu Tho are home to tea trees. Lam Dong is well-known as the land of tea in the Central Highlands with the brand name of “B’lao tea”

B’lao was the last name of Bao Loc in present-day Lam Dong province. The first tea tree was planted in Lam Dong in 1927. The French brought a variety of Bach Mao tea to grow in the area. Then more tea trees were planted in Di Linh and Bao Loc in the 1930s. In the beginning, the tea trees were grown on the French farms and then on the tea farms of local households were established.

The brand name “B’lao tea” has been included in tea shops such as Van Huong, Lan Huong, Do Huu and Ngoc Trang. Among the other tea brand names in Bao Loc, Van Huong tea has been well known from the 1960s. The tea shop has contributed to laying the foundation and creating a prestige for traditional marinated tea products in the area.

Thai Nguyen province has the original tea while B’lao is famous for marinated tea with delicate flavors. The locals use jasmine, lotus and hoa soi (Chloranthus spicatus) to create special flavors for tea.

It is very sophisticated to marinate tea. Bach Mao tea with one bud and two leaves is the best material for the process. Flowers also are selected and picked carefully to keep the best scent. During the period of marinating, the tea will be dried at a suitable temperature. Besides using flowers, some workshops add herbs such as Chinese liquorice, cinnamon and anise to create healthy and delicious teas.

Besides the famous and familiar flavors, the locals have  created new tea products. From the popular pineapple flavored tea, B’lao people have produced pineapple ginseng tea with natural ingredients to diversify native flavored tea products.

There are nearly 1,500 large and small tea production and processing workshops in Bao Loc. B’lao tea is not only favored in the domestic market, but also has been sold in foreign markets.