An Amazing “Infinity” Sea in Thai Binh

An Amazing “Infinity” Sea in Thai Binh

An infinite mirror image of mother nature. 

The phenomenon of the “infinity” sea has emerged as a new place for photographers and visitors to Thuy Xuan and Thuy Hai communes, Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province. The local authorities have implemented a plan to turn this area into an attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors. 

Without white sand, blue water or strong waves, the beaches attract visitors for the glorious skies merging with the calm waters on the horizon, an infinite mirror image of Mother Nature. 

According to Pham Minh Toan, a 33 year-old man who lives in Thai Thuy, visitors should monitor the tidal calendar and the weather conditions to have an experience with the “infinity” sea. 


People need to consider whether the water level of that day is suitable or not, through a phone app with the tide calendar information. The appropriate tidal water level is from 1.2 to 1.8m. The water surface on the beach will only be ankle-high, which is very ideal for the phenomenon of the "infinity" sea.

In addition, visitors must monitor the weather situation, avoid rainy days, lightning or cloudy days. When the wind is too strong or the water rises to knee height in the area, it will cause the sea surface to appear rippled, ruining the reflection of the sky on the water’s surface. If the tide is too low, it also causes the water to undulate the muddy surface, so there is no "infinity" phenomenon.

The most beautiful natural scenery appears in the area is from 4:30 to 6 am when the sun begins to rise, and the tide is low, making the beach and sky seem closer. There are no boundaries, forming a giant mirror reflection, combined with the image of people fishing on the tidal flats to create a unique scene.

Sunrise at the infinity sea. 

However, the accommodations and travel of tourists is still difficult because the locality does not have many commercial services such as parking lots or hotels. Dealing with the situation, the Thai Binh People’s Committee has focused on managing as well as developing tourism in Thuy Xuan and Thuy Hai communes.

Tran Thi Bich Hang – Vice Chairman of Thai Binh Provincial People’s Committee emphasized that the province will quickly complete the development of the mangrove forest and tidal flats in Thuy Xuan – Thuy Hai communes into a tourist site. It is suitable for ecological conditions and will not affect the conservation of natural ecosystems. It will not disturb the fishing activities of local people. The “infinity” sea tourist destination needs to be connected and included in the tours and routes linking it with neighboring provinces.

A visitor poses for a photo on the infinity sea.

By Tran Cong Dat/VNP  Translated by Song An