A Unique Zoo in Ninh Thuan

A Unique Zoo in Ninh Thuan


Tien Tien Farm & Zoo, situated in the sunny and windy region of Ninh Thuan, is a place that provides safe habitats, medical care, and a nurturing environment for a variety of birds and animals from all over the world. This is a newly-opened destination on the local tourism map.
Tien Tien Farm & Zoo has installed a solar energy system to meet the facility's power needs. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP

Covering an area of approximately 5ha near Nam Cuong sand dunes which is sunny and windy all year round, Tien Tien Farm & Zoo in the Tien Tien Organic Agriculture region is now the home of a range of exotic birds and animals acquired from other countries. The majority of these species have their growing and developing traits that are compatible with the area's sandy topography and year-round heat and sunshine.

The zoo is separated into two main animal breeding areas, including an area for different species of animals and the other for birds. The animals consist of wallaby kangaroos, Cabybara water guinea pigs, Meerkat civets, raccoons, alpacas, ponys, Sulcata tortoises, star deers, iguanas, New Zealand hares, and Australian sheep which are endemic to Australia, Africa, and a few other Asian countries. In the area of birds, there are  feathered species of various hues, namely black swans, white geese, lion geese, chickens, Indonesian black chickens, Indian blue peacocks, and five-color peacocks. Besides, numerous local and Vietnamese animal species, like sheep, goats, and Dong Tao chickens, are bred at the zoo, adding diversity and vibrancy to Tien Tien Farm & Zoo. In the zoo, most of the herbivores are bred and cared for in a rigorous and scientific manner. The zoo is also covered by solar panels, which provide shade while simultaneously generating renewable energy—another distinction of this location.

Visitors to Tien Tien Farm & Zoo are mainly children, adolescents, students, and family travel groups. A visit here is an opportunity to see the beautiful and diverse wildlife as well as have amazing experiences in caring for or touching and taking photos of animals.

Aside from visiting the zoo, tourists can participate in other activities such as visiting organic farms and learning about farming and enjoying fresh fruit harvested from the farm. This is a tourist model of combining organic agriculture and renewable energy that Tien Tien Farm & Zoo is implementing.

In addition, Tien Tien Farm & Zoo is adjacent to several other popular tourist destinations in Ninh Thuan, like the Nam Cuong sand dunes, Bau Truc pottery village, Ba Moi vineyard and Sen Charaih eco-cultural tourist area. As a result, the place promises to contribute to the development of appealing and different tours on the colorful tourism sector map of the region.


Tien Tien Farm & Zoo is located in An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, in the vicinity of Nam Cuong Sand Dunes.

Entrance Fee:

Children under 90cm tall: Free

Children from 90cm to 1 m2 tall: 50.000 dong (2.2 US dollars)/ticket

Adults: 100.000 dong (4.4 US dollars)/ticket

Opening hours are from 9a.m- 4 p.m.

Story: Son Nghia/VNP - Photos: Cong Dat

Translated by Phuong Thao