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Vietnam helps Cambodia build military school

This is one of practical activities marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic relationship in 2017. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Marshal Pol Saroeun, Commander-in-Chief of the RCA, and officials of the school expressed their deep gratitude to the Party, State, Army and Vietnamese people for assisting the construction of the school and many other facilities for the RCA, bringing in new faces and help training staff for the RCA. 

He stressed that with the unconditional help of the Vietnamese People’s Army, the RCA has become more modern and stronger and completed all missions, and affirmed the school was the most specific evidence of the time-honoured friendship, solidarity, traditional relationship between the army and people of the two countries. 

The lecture hall and the accommodation building belong to the project on building the Techo Military Engineering School funded by the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence with a total cost of 1 million USD. 

Commencing in 2010, the school has become the RCA’s first training facility meeting conditions to train high-level military officers for the RCA in general and the Military Engineering Command in particular.