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“The Story of Stamps”

An exhibition called “The Story of Stamps” inspired by stamps was recently held at 45 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi that showcased 40 paintings by Hoang Thuy Lieu and stamp collections of famous stamp collector Vu Van Ty
The exhibition was aimed at giving viewers a new perspective of stamps which contain information on remarkable cultural and historical events. With a passionate love for stamps, painter Hoang Thuy Lieu created these paintings based on stamps issued by the Vietnam Post. Each stamp is a work of art that she has enlarged, allowing viewers to enjoy the stories therein in a different way. Her works show national culture through legends and historical stories, namely Auco-Lac Long Quan and the Imperial Capital of Hue.

The exhibition, “The Story of Stamps” attracts a large number of viewers. Photo: Thanh Hung

Visiting the exhibition, the viewer not only sees valuable stamps
but also learns more about the history of the country through each stamp. Photo: Thanh Hung

The exhibition gives the viewer a novel space, far different from previous traditional stamp exhibitions.

The exhibition also showcased the valuable stamp collections of Vu Van Ty, including  five standard stamp frameworks of the  bamboo and life collections which won a bronze medal at the International Stamp Exhibition in Beijing, China in 2003 and others about traditional Vietnamese art and architecture. Vu Van Ty said that when he was a student he pursued a passion for collecting stamps which gradually grew with the years he worked in the post office sector and then the Stamp Company. He has accumulated a wide knowledge about stamps and thoroughly understands both the  artistic and human value of the stamps. Therefore, he has spent much time designing stamps with the hope that the stamps will be the bridge to introduce foreign friends to the beautiful images of the country and people of Vietnam.
Some images of stamps displayed at the exhibition:

The stamp celebrating the 110th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. 

The stamps celebrating the 60th anniversary of the August Revolution. 

The stamp collection on traditional music instruments exhibited at the International Stamp Exhibition in 1996.

The stamp collection of four seasons, showing typical Vietnamese patterns.

The stamp collection of Hue Court Music, an oral and intangible  cultural heritage of humanity.

The stamps about the legend of Father Lac Long Quan taking his 50 sons to the sea.

The stamps about the legend of Mother Au Co taking her 50 sons to the mountain.

The stamp collection jointly issued with ASEAN.

The stamp collection about cyclos painted with the three cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong.

The stamp collection about Quan Am Thi Kinh.

The stamps of Thai Hoa Palace in Hue.

By Trinh Bo, Khanh Long and Thanh Hung