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Raul Castro chosen as Cuban Party’s First Secretary for another term

Hanoi, April 20 (VNA) – Raul Castro was re-elected as the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) at the Party’s seventh national congress in Havana.

The results of the PCC Central Committee election were announced on the morning of April 19 (Cuba time).

Jose Ramon Machado remained in the Second Secretary position.

Raul Castro, Jose Ramon Machado and 17 others form the new Politburo of the PCC.

The Party’s new Central Committee encompasses 142 members with an average age of 54.5.

During the congress, the participants approved five resolutions on the five reports submitted to the congress.

The reports include those on Cuba’s socialist economic – social model, the development plan until 2030, the implementation of the Guidelines approved at the sixth national PCC congress, and the implementation of the targets set up at the first national PCC congress in January 2012.

The seventh national PCC congress is of huge importance to Cuba amidst the country’s gradual opening after the normalisation of relations with the US in late 2014, which ended over five decades of embargos.