Amazing Coral Reefs on Land


Among the many amazing things on the south-central coast of Vietnam, the most interesting is probably seeing the exposed coral reefs on Hon Chong promontory in Nha Trang and Hon Yen island in An Hai, Phu Yen province.

The season of coral reef on land is from April to June of lunar calendar. At that time, the tide only recedes at sunset of the first few days of the month or during the middle of the lunar month and lasts only for a few days. In shallow water, the coral reefs are exposed with various colors Photographers often hire basket boats to follow the creeks to the coral reefs. Motipora coral reef on Hon Yen island and Acropora coral reef on Hon Chong promontory are magnets for the photographers.

Hon Chong promontory is located about 3km north-east of the Nha Trang city center. It is a large rocky area with a variety of shapes lying on the shore. During recommended days, visitors are able to see colorful coral reefs and take wonderful photos without swimming and diving. The right time to go to see the coral is at sunset on the promontory.

Located 30km from Tuy Hoa, Hon Yen island is a well-known destination for travelers in Phu Yen province. According to a survey by the Sub-department of Sea and Islands in Phu Yen province, the exposed coral reefs cover dozens of hectares with about 17 species, including rare and valuable ones. When the tides recede on the island, the revealed coral reefs look like a fairy garden with colorful flowers.

Thanks to these magical features, the coral reefs on the south-central coast of Vietnam lure not only visitors, but also photographers. There were numerous photos related to this topic which won national and international photo contests.

Geen Polyd Acropora coral reefs in the south- central coast.
Sunset on Yen island during the season of coral reefs on land.
Purple and Green Montipora Monasteriata coral reefs.
Coloful Acropora coral reefs on Yen island, Phu Yen.
Acropora Purple Bonsai coral reefs.
Acropora and Acropora Formosa coral reefs on Yen island, Phu Yen.
Montipora coral reefs in ở Yen village, Phu Yen.
Green and Yellow Montipora Capricormis coral reefs in the south- central coast.
Red Polyd Acropora coral reefs.
Wonderful coral reefs under the lights in Nha Trang.
Montipora coral reefs in the south- central coast.
  • By Do Tuan Ngoc - Translated by Song An