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Vietnam launches first energy efficiency network

HCM City, July 20 (VNA) - Vietnam has launched its first energy efficiency network in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The network is part of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency project implemented by the General Directorate of Energy, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Germany. 

Markus Bissel, head of the project’s energy efficiency component, said on July 17 that the objective of the network was to provide a platform to connect companies to improve energy efficiency by sharing and learning from each other. 

"This will be done by structured processes which are moderated by German energy efficiency experts,” said the project official. 

The first ever Energy Efficiency Network globally was established in 1987 in Switzerland. The model has become popular all over the world and proven to be an effective and important initiative to stimulate energy efficiency. 

In 2009, 30 pilot networks in Germany saved total 12 per cent of energy over five years. 

In 2014-20 it is estimated 500 new energy efficiency networks will be set up in Germany. 

”The rationale behind the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network is that every company has some knowledge in energy efficiency, and collectively it is easier to develop expertise and improve our efficiency overall,” Bissel said. 

”Each network comprises only 10-15 enterprises in order to maximise discussion and sharing opportunities. The networks will help companies reduce energy costs, improve productivity and competitiveness, increase transparency in energy use and data, and foster innovation across sectors.” 

The criteria for companies to join the network are they should have high annual energy costs, be based in the same region and not directly compete with any other member. 

After the first network meeting, energy audits will be conducted at the first eight member companies from the textile, paper, logistics, rubber and plastic sectors. 

German and local consultants will visit selected companies and provide support for their audit. 

As one of the most dynamically growing economies in Asia, Vietnam faces an enormous increase in energy demand that will continue to grow at double-digit rates in the coming years. 

Industry, transportation and residences are the three biggest electricity consumers. 

The Government has laid great stress on energy efficiency, which is one of core elements of both Power Development Plan 7 and Green Growth Strategy.