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New creations from broken ceramics

In the hands of Ngo Duy Cuong, the owner of Mori Art brand, thrown-away broken ceramics have a new use in decorative mosaic paintings or tables.

According to Cuong, his works are made from broken ceramics taken from traditional ceramic villages such as Bat Trang and Phu Lang. Cuong buys or collects and then sorts them out according to their level of thickness so that each can be used for a suitable product.

Started in 2018 as a fun experiment, this idea of Cuong soon became popular amongt his friends. Cuong started making products for sale after orders for his works poured in.

“There were problems at first,” Cuong said, “mostly with materials and tools.” He had to search for raw materials in order to make sure they could be as diverse as needed. He also had to search for specialized pliers for cutting ceramics, which turned out to be quite scarce in Vietnam. After several months, Cuong found stable material sources and also enough tools to keep production steady.

Ngo Duy Cuong has turned broken ceramics into unique artworks.

Mori Art is a favorite destination for young people who love to explore new things.

Sketch out the design on wood.

The process is challenging.

Broken ceremics are sticked by glue. 

Stages of making a mosaic ceramic picture. 

The creative space where the young staff of Mori Art make unique art. 

In order to make a mosaic ceramic picture or table, the first step is to sketch out the design, then cut the ceramics and put the pieces into complete products. The process is challenging because there is always the chance that the products will not match the original ideas. For now, the themes chosen by Cuong for his products are mainly colorful flowers and animals. Cutting ceramic pieces is the most time-consuming stage, because the more diverse the size of ceramic pieces the more beautiful the designs will turn out to be.

Time to complete a product varies between different sizes. The most common size of a Mori Art product is around 50-70cm and it usually takes 5 to 7 days to finish. Mori Art's ceramic mosaic pictures and tables are used as decoration in many households and cafes. The prices range from 3 to 5 million dong (130-220 US dollars) for pictures and 5 to 7 million dong (220-300 US dollars) for tables.

Cuong said that in the near future, Mori Art will create more designs inspired from traditional Vietnamese themes and develop products for garden decorations.

Some art made from broken ceramics by Mori Art

Story: Ngan Ha   -   Photos: Khanh Long & Files