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Bao Minh bamboo rattan furniture

Using the creativity of the younger generation dedicated to preserving the culture of the traditional craft villages, Bao Minh bamboo rattan brand has found a way to gradually affirm the value of its products in the global market.

Chuong My district in Hanoi, the home of the traditional bamboo rattan craft, is the place that has trained many diligent and talented artisans. A total of 31 villages in the district are exporting bamboo rattan products to 30 countries around the world. After leaving school, many young locals have come back to their hometown with the aim to build bigger brands and introduce them to more customers.

Duong Anh Xuan, a graduate of the industrial administration department at Hanoi University of Technology, is one of those who came back. In 2017, Xuan decided to establish Bao Minh Manufacturer joint stock company. He chose Chuong My as a place to make the dream come true and arouse the values of traditional handicrafts with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Xuan has established 5 small factories in the district. Dong Phuong Yen commune was chosen to be the place to find the best craftsmen to design and weave bamboo and rattan products under the Bao Minh brand.

Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Production Director of Bao Minh, checks the products.

Drying the baskets woven with seagrass. 

Bao Minh factory attracts local workers from Chuong My district.

Bao Minh bamboo and rattan products are meticulously built and are sharp in every detail.

Rattan is uded to make baskets and bags. 

Polishing products by machine. 

Craftsmen are weaving bamboo and rattan products.

The worker is happy with their products. 

Bao Minh's staff consists of young qualified employees. 

Bao Minh factory uses the abundant eco-friendly materials available from nature in Vietnam such as rattan, bamboo, coconut, grass, ferns, palm leaves and corn. With the creativity of the craftsmen, many products with modern styles have been made. Customers can buy a variety of products at the Bao Minh factory such as household goods, decorative products and furniture which follow the current trend.

Having passed many rigorous appraisal processes for product quality by Alibaba, the largest e-commerce group in China, Bao Minh opened two stores on the e-commerce platform with export sales up to 3 million US dollars per year. The outstanding feature of Bao Minh bamboo rattan products is the simple shape with skillful knitting techniques. Bao Minh continuously renews creative designs bringing modern styles to traditional patterns.

Sungwon Choi, Representative of the Vietnam-Korea Design Center, said, “Bao Minh bamboo rattan products do not only reflect the depth of Vietnamese culture but also innovate with modern breakthroughs. Thus, Asians and Americans love it."
Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Production Director of Bao Minh said, "Bao Minh’s international-standard bamboo rattan factory has just been put into operation. This factory can be considered a closed value chain of products including a prototyping stage, raw material preservation, product drying stage, and a showroom displaying more than 1000 products". Bao Minh factory will bring international customers the opportunity to experience the beauty of a craft village as well as a state-of-the-art bamboo rattan factory in Vietnam.

Bamboo and rattan products have been tested for quality, waiting to be exported to the US and South Korea.

Baskets woven with seagrass. 

Bamboo rattan baskets to be exported to South Korea.  

Products to be exported to the US.

South Korea is a top export destination for Bao Minh products. 

Currently, Bao Minh products are exported to western Europe, Japan, the US, and South Korea with revenues from 3 million to 5 million US dollars per year. Duong Anh Xuan, General Director of Bao Minh Manufacturer JSC, said, "In the next 5 year development strategy, Bao Minh has set a target to export products to 30 major countries and convert Bao Minh factory as a destination of the village tour”.
Story: Bich Van   -   Photos: Viet Cuong & Files