01/03/2019 10:31 GMT+7 print

US-DPRK Summit 2019: Expectations for DPRK-USA Summit never particularly high

After the second summit between the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) concluded in Hanoi without any agreement, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) posted a story saying that the expectations for this summit were never “particularly high”.

ABC wrote that US President Donald Trump “framed this failed summit as having walking away – showing the US is in the driver's seat”, while DPRK leader Kim Jong-un will “seek to frame it as a mutual decision to part ways between two leaders of equal weighting.”

It added before arranging a meeting between their leaders, the US and the DPRK should let their lower-level diplomats make some progress.

The Trump-Kim meetings wrapped up earlier than expected in Hanoi on February 28, and the two sides left the summit with no joint agreement.