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Café counts on customers’ honesty to make profit

A coffee shop in Hanoi is counting on customers’ honesty and freedom to make its profit. At the café, customers can select their own food and drinks and leave money in an unmanned till.

Located in Le Duan street in Dong Da district, Mama Fanbox is the first self-service café in the capital city.

Customers to the shop choose their drinks, print invoice, pay cash and even clean the table after finishing.

“I find this self-service model very new and fun,” said Doan Thi Hong Ngan, a customer to the shop. “It’s good for Vietnamese customers to use. It’s very cool.”

At the café, a camera at the gate can identify customers as regular or new ones. New customers have to ring the doorbell to enter the shop.

Customers opt for their drinks and take them to the self-service counter to see the price. Online staff will provide them with free consultancy through a camera system. Customers will pay based on the price list of items.

Customers can type their names and phone numbers through a computer and then put the printed invoice in a small bag and leave money in a locked box.

“Youngsters like us are fond of serving by ourselves instead of depending on staff, or having to wait for a long time,” said another customer - Nguyen Thi Thao, a resident in Hanoi’s Long Bien district.

The first ever self-help café in Hanoi sells nama chocolate, ice cream and food.

It counts on shoppers’ honesty and freedom to make its profit.

After two years of operation, only six cases of shoplifting have been discovered.

The owner of Mama Fanbox, Dao Khanh Hiep, said he was quite surprised to see that the rate of fraud was much lower than forecast. So far, he has opened four shops of its kind in Vietnam.

“Besides economic effects, this model offers a chance for good people to come and show their honesty and buy the products in a civilised manner,” Hiep said.

“I will come back with my friends for sure since it’s so cool,” said Thao.

The shop brings a new experience to customers while encouraging goods purchase in a civilised manner.