12/06/2017 14:15 GMT+7 print

Almost one third of communes recognised as new-style rural areas

The figure showed an increase of 389 communes since the end of 2016. Meanwhile, 34 districts nationwide have received the title, with four newly-recognised districts this year. 

On national-scale average, a commune has met 13.8 categories out of the overall 19 criteria on socio-economic development, politics and defence in order to be recognised as a new style rural area. 

To accelerate the programme, the MARD has submitted to the Prime Minister a pilot project on environment protection in building new style rural areas in disadvantaged localities, border and island communes in 2017-2020. 

A significant goal of the project is to build clean water supply and garbage treatment models. 

The ministry has also completed a guidebook on how to implement the new-style rural area criteria in 2017-2020. 

The national programme on building new-style rural areas was initiated by the Government in 2010. It sets out 19 criteria, ranging from infrastructure development, production capacity improvement, environmental protection and cultural value promotion.