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Hanoi, Da Nang start operation clear pavements

Hanoi, March 11 (VNA) - Many pavements in Hanoi were cleared of encroachments on March 10, the first day of a campaign that targets removing illegally parked cars, shops, extended canopies and other obstructions.

In Hoang Mai, Nam Tu Liem and Bac Tưu Liem districts, forces have focused on stopping cars illegally parking on pavements and dismantling illegal construction works of local businesses such as plastic roofs on Ho Tung Mau Street.

A representative of Phu Dien commune’s People’s Committee in Bac Tu Liem district said that most local people co-operated with the committee to clear the pavements. Earlier, the committee sent 1,800 documents telling locals not to encroach on pavements.

Meanwhile, in Hoang Mai and Thanh Xuan districts, no cars have been seen parking on the pavements. All vehicles have parked in parking lots on Giai Phong, Tan Mai, Nguyen Xien and Nguyen Trai streets.

Pavement order has been re-established in Dong Anh and Thanh Tri districts.
Head of Đông Anh District’s Urban Management Unit Pham Huu Tien said that the district is located in a suburban area, so illegal parking and pavement encroachment was less common than in the city centre.

The district had also conducted regular inspections on pavement encroachment previously, so locals co-operated with authorities to dismantle encroaching things.

Nguyen Cao Hai Danh, a food seller in front of Dong Anh district’s People’s Committee said he was informed about the issue days ago, and he agreed that pedestrians should take back the pavements.

Earlier on March 9, Da Nang launched its campaign to give the pavement back to pedestrians.

In Bach Dang, Tran Phuu and Hung Vuong streets, more than 200 staff were mobilised to tidy up pavements, dismantling encroaching construction works of restaurants, food vendors, cafés and moving cars from sidewalks.

Le Anh, chairman of Hai Chau District’s People’s Committee said that authorities were determined to take the pavements back for pedestrians. For business households without stable premises, the committee would arrange a place for them to continue working.

The district committee will hand over the management of pavements to local authorities, who will deal with repeat offending.

Huynh Van Ran, head of Hai Chau District’s urban rules inspection unit said that the force had asked violating households to sign a commitment to dismantle illegal construction works.

To prevent repeat offending, the unit plans to co-ordinate with relevant forces to regularly patrol key areas, he said.

Earlier in February, the city conducted a crackdown on illegal food, cafe and parking business and handed out 98 fines with an average of 750,000 VND (32 USD) each.

Hai Chau district is a central district of Da Nang city. Street vendors have been banned on 11 out of 252 routes. However, many routes have been encroached on for years.