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Con Son-Kiep Bac Festival: Ritual prays for peace

The activity, which is part of the Con Son – Kiep Bac Spring Festival 2017, takes place annually on the 17th day of the first lunar month with the aim to pray for peace, prosperity and development. 

After the ceremony, local authorities presented five types of cereals including corn, rice, bean, peanuts and millet to participants. 

Ngu Nhac Mountain, located in Le Loi commune, Chi Linh district, consists of five sacred peaks stretching over 4 km. Five shrines were built on top of the peaks, namely Bac Nhac (North), Trung Nhac (Middle), Dong Nhac (East), Tay Nhac (West) and Nam Nhac (South) to worship the gods of five directions. 

The local authorities decided to restore the shrines on August 8, 2004 to promote cultural values of the relic and attract more visitors. The construction finished on February 2016 with a pedestrian path system leading to the mountains.