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High school student wins reality talent show Sing My Song

Hanoi, January 24 (VNA) – Cao Ba Hung, an 18-year-old boy, was announced as winner of the reality talent show Sing My Song on January 22 night. 

Hung, a descendant of the 19th-century poet Cao Ba Quat, beat out eight other finalists, to win the contest which was held for the first time in Vietnam after winning 17 of 31 votes from the judges. 

In the finale, all the finalists were divided into two groups. The performers with the highest rating from the audience would advance. 

Performing the song Co Van De (Problematic), Hung led his group with 33.81 percent of the audience vote. He then faced the only female finalist, Truong Thao Nhi, who led the second group with 37.2 percent. 

The two finalists then entered a voting round, with the winner chosen by an artistic board consisting of 31 journalists, singers, and songwriters.    

When the MC announced the winner, Hung, who was the youngest contestant on the show, was speechless. 

“I am extremely happy and surprised. I never thought I could move so far in this competition, and of course, I never dreamt of winning. Before getting into the final round, I thought that Nhi would win,” Hung said. 

The winner said he hasn’t decided how to spend his prize of 300 million VND (13,500 USD) yet. 

“But maybe I will spend it on my music productions,” he said. 

Hung showed ability in composing and choreographing since he was 13 years old. He also has passion for Vietnamese folk music, hoping to popularise the genre among young people, who are more familiar with modern Western music. 

He can play Vietnamese traditional music instruments, such as dan ty ba (four-stringed pluck instrument), dan nguyet (moon-shaped two-chord guitar) and dan da (lithophone). 

Before entering Sing My Song, Hung and his four-member group Bon Chi Em – a traditional music instrument band – competed in Vietnam’s Got Talent in 2014