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Hanoians Keep Chickens as Pets

In the morning of the second Sunday of the month, the small alley at 456 Hoang HoaTham Street, Hanoi becomes a rendezvous for many young Vietnamese who are interested in keeping roosters as pets. They gather there to show their pets and share the experience of raising the birds. 

Chicken enthusiasts often select Tre chickens, known as the Vietnamese bantam, to raise. Among the species, chickens from Tan Chau in An Giang Province are the most favoured in the market. A Tre chicken looks like a jungle fowl but it is smaller.  The maximum weight of a rooster reaches about 800-900grams while a hen is 700-800gr.

For the chicken hobbyists,  selecting and breeding are very important because they decide the specific features of their pets. They prefer to raise roosters because they have an august appearance with colorful feathers. A fine cock meets the standards of weighing less than one kilogram and having a small head, a short beak, keen eyes, a long and bent tail, a short figure and a large breast. Furthermore, a pair of wings must cover the whole body.

Chickens as pets.

Roosters  with beautiful feathers.

A rooster with long and shiny feathers.

Roosters areprone to fighting one another

Chickens are kept separately in cages. 

A chicken shows its beauty. 

Although the hobby requires much time and effort, many young Vietnamese have recently adopted roosters as pets.
By Tran Thanh Giang