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People hope for new development phase after Party Congress

Hanoi, January 20 (VNA) – People, Party members and officials nationwide have shared their confidence in the success of the 12th National Party Congress. They expect it will usher in a new phase of development and build a strong, pure Party.

Lieutenant General Pham Hong Cu, former deputy head of the Vietnam People’s Army’s General Department of Politics, said he believes that under the Party’s leadership, the people will work to eliminate poverty and backwardness to advance the country’s development on par with other powerful countries, as wished by the late President Ho Chi Minh.

He expressed his expectations that the 12th National Party Congress will accomplish the assigned mission, which is to enhance the leadership of the Party, and at the same time elect a new generation of leaders with competence and virtues who will help people exercise their right to act as the masters of the country. This will bring the country to the next level of sustainable development in the new period and help it become an industrial country by 2020, as set earlier.

Cu also noted that the defence-security force currently embarks on the two strategic tasks of building and defending the country. Therefore, the People’s Army and the People’s Public Security need to weather any difficulties, be loyal to the Party and pious to the people, and stand ready to fight for the homeland’s independence and freedom and socialism, as taught by late President Ho Chi Minh.

Lieutenant General Khuat Duy Tien, former commandant of the Army Officer Training School No.1, expressed his wish that the 12th National Party Congress will come up with orientations and tasks that develop a strong political system, push for the reform in a comprehensive and synchronous manner, and firmly defend the homeland so the country can realise its goal of becoming a modern, industrial country.
Lawyer Le Duc Tiet, Vice Chairman of the Consultancy Council for Law and Democracy of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, noted that people pinned high hopes on the 12th National Party Congress. They expect it will introduce new guidelines and policies pertaining to land, defence-security, and the environment, among others.

A pressing issue today is preventing and combating corruption and wastefulness, which requires the involvement of all people, he stressed.

Tiet also expressed his hope that the Congress will show who has contributed to the national development for its selection for the new tenure.

For his part, Nguyen Tuc, Chairman of the Consultancy Council for Socio-cultural Affairs of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, argued that building a pure and competent Party could not be done soundly without the people.

He suggested that people and the Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Central Committee should be allowed to comment on those officials candidates introduced by the Party Central Committee and the Congress, as part of efforts to make the Party and administration strong, as guided by the Political Bureau’s instructions 217 and 218.

He expressed his hope that the Congress will elect people who are neither corrupt nor a member of an “interest group”, and are ready to implement the solutions that have been written down in the Party’s resolutions./.