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The E-Commerce Market in Vietnam

From having only chodientu.vn, the first e-commerce website established in 2006, Vietnam has so far developed hundreds of this type of  website that contributes to getting the Vietnamese into the “non-traditional” purchasing  habit.

During a trip to Japan in 2006, Nguyen Hoa Binh saw that the Japanese were keen on online shopping that, he thought, would be an inevitable trend in the future. Returning to Vietnam, Binh was determined to build an e-commerce website, chodientu.vn, though  the Vietnamese people were ignorant of this new trading at that time.

During the first years of establishment,  chodientu.vn faced tremendous difficulties in popularising and promoting this new trading to customers because the Vietnamese were used to directly selling and buying goods at traditional markets or shops.

With its strategy for selling unique, strange and hard-to-find products on the website together with opening auctions for these products at the floor price of even 1,000VND each, chodientu.vn gradually drew attention from a large number of customers who then became familiar with searching for and buying goods online.

The online trading office of chodientu.vn at Peacesoft Solutions Corporation. 

Chodientu.vn is the first B2C exchange in Vietnam and among top 10 biggest e-commerce websites in Vietnam 

Chodientu.vn in particular and other counterparts in Vietnam’s e-commerce market in general
are being highly regarded in profession and reputation.

In 2008, Chodientu.vn coordinated with Ebay, the world’s leading e-commerce group.

Until 2009, chodientu.vn officially coordinated with Ebay, the world’s leading e-commerce group that has generated new opportunities for cooperation and development of e-commerce in Vietnam.

Based on an analysis of Vietnamese income, chodientu.vn  focused on a group of common customers, aged 18-24, with upper middle income, thereby providing suitable goods for this group.

Always aware of high competitiveness together with paying much attention to post-services, such as policies on guarantees, returning or changing goods to maximise the benefits for customers, chodientu.vn has now become Vietnam’s top 10 e-commerce websites having coverage of 100% districts and towns nationwide.

In 2016, chodientu.vn targets to cover 100% of communes in the whole country. It has now three million registered members, 600,000 regular members who conduct trade activities on the website and over 10,000 small and medium enterprises selling goods.

Vietnam now has a total number of nearly 40 million internet users and 60% of them participate in online shopping, meaning that  over 20 million people participated in online trade. The total e-commerce income between enterprises and their customers in 2014 reached 2,97 billion dollars, accounting for 2.12% of the total income from retail sales in the whole country, an increase of 25% over 2013.

In its master plan on e-commerce development devised by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, by 2020 Vietnam will strive to have 30% of its population participating in online trade with an overall value of online shopping reaching  350 dollars/person and develop e-commerce payment tools.

Customer checks the goods sent from abroad at the company’s office.

Chodientu.vn also provides customers with the service of delivering goods from foreign countries
with a quick payment method.

Online trading in Vietnam has developed quickly in recent years.

The increase of the number of people using smart phones and tablets serves as an impetus for
the development of e-commerce in Vietnam. 
Story: Thao Vy - Photos: Trinh Van Bo & Tat Son