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Songnam Fasteners Enter the World Market

Songnam Trading and Manufacturing Joint-stock Company, which exports an average of 40 tonnes of fasteners to Japan and Europe, proves that Vietnamese enterprises are competent to penetrate into the world market of components for hardware production.

The person who has built Songnam Company is young Pham Trung Hieu, who did not major in mechanics but studied business administration at the Foreign Trade University. With his curiosity and creativity, in 2004, Hieu opened a workshop producing hardware products like screws, nuts, bolts, and the like in realisation of the market’s potential.

Hardware products of Songnam Company are designed by the company and mass-produced with high quality. Those products are utilised in many manufacturing sectors like uPVC and aluminium door production, electronics, woodworking, mechanics, machine manufacturing, auto and motor assembling, ship building, and railways.

Songnam Company has two factories with a total area of 1000m2. Every designing procedure of fasteners is directly studied and conducted by Pham Trung Hieu. He examines and tests products under every severe weather condition in order to find the advantages of products before mass production.

Pham Trung Hieu (left) has successfully built the brand of Songnam fasteners.

Part of the fastener production chain of Songnam Company.

Plastic materials used to produce plastic anchors.

Songnam plastic anchors.

Songnam fasteners are durable and weather resistant.

Each month Songnam Company exports about 40 tonnes of fasteners to Japan and Europe.

Songnam storm resistant roofing caps can protect roofs in case of storms. 

Songnam storm resistant roofing caps are small and weather resistant.

A factory in Cam Giang, Hai Duong uses Songnam storm resistant roofing caps.

The company has also invested in many finishing machines, like shaping machines, threading machines, nail polishing and cleaning machines. Plastic injection moulding machines with a capacity of 50tonnes or 170tonnes are applied in automatic systems with high productivity.

Songnam Company’s metal fasteners are rust proof and strong, so Eurowindow, the leading group in producing uPVC doors in Vietnam, has placed several orders for these products.

Recently, Songnam Company introduced its new products of storm resistant roofing toile panels and caps. Storm resistant roofing caps are made from plastic with life span of at least 15 years. These products have extremely high resistance to wind damage, leaking, and also have artistic values. They are of great significance as Vietnam, like other Southeast Asian countries, is situated in a region of frequent storms.

Besides screws, nuts and bolts, Songnam Company also excels in producing plastic anchors with a capacity of 5 containers/month. It has provided plastic anchors for many partners like Eurowindow, Austdoor, Smartdoor, Artdoor, PhiKha,  Tid, DongTam windows, Spring windows and EBM windows. It also exports these products to foreign countries such as RoK, Japan, France, Switzerland, Russia and Poland. In 2016, the company’s export value is projected to increase with numerous orders from Switzerland and Japan.

Pham Trung Hieu, CEO of Songnam Company, acknowledged that these small fasteners carried the big dream of Vietnamese youngsters who are passionate about creation and self-determination.

Songnam plastic anchors are diverse in types.

Songnam plastic anchors have both durability and an attractive design.

Some key plastic products of Songnam Company: storm resistant roofing caps,
plastic anchors and uPVC door rollers.

A kit of anchors and screws produced by Songnam Company.

Some of the high quality fasteners of Songnam Company.

Story: Bich Van – Photos: Tran Thanh Giang