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PM lauds RoK firms’ plan to expand operation in Vietnam

Yoon Jong-kyoo said that his firm is keen on further expanding business in Vietnam in consumer finance, banking, securities and insurance and especially social housing development. 

He expressed hope to share experience with Vietnam in distribution and development of houses for low-income people – an issues of Vietnamese concern, adding that his firm plans to coordinate with Vietnamese agencies in holding a conference on the issue. 

The group will actively study investment opportunities as well as organise many social activities in Vietnam such as providing support for young people’s start-ups, this contributing more effectively to the country’s socio-economic development. 

PM Nguyen XuanPhuc praised the group’s intention to expand financial activities in Vietnam as well as its willingness to share its experience in social housing development. 

He voiced support to the Korean group’s initiative to hold a conference to seek measures to boost social housing in Vietnam, while hailingits assistance for Vietnamese youth’s startup movement as well as its involvement in the restructuring of commercial banks in Vietnam, including the acquisition of Vietnamese banks.