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Heavy rain floods many areas in Hanoi

Heavy rain submerged many streets and areas in the capital city of Hanoi on June 13 evening.

The worst flooding was seen on the streets of Nguyen Khuyen, Vuong Thua Vu, Phan Van Truong, Bui Xuong Trach, Tran Binh, Phung Khoang, Nguyen Chinh and Co Linh, and Vinh Tuy bridge foot area.

Heavy rain and flooding make it difficult for vehicles to move. Some vehicles stalled due to water entering their engines. 

At 8:45 pm, rainfall measured in Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Ba Dinh and Dong Da districts ranged from 75mm to 94mm.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the convective cloud zone developing in the South has caused showers and thunderstorms in My Duc and Ung Hoa districts. Convective clouds moving down from the North also causes rain in Soc Son district.

These clouds after that strengthened and continued to move, causing showers and thunderstorms in many urban districts of Hanoi.

Showers was forecast to continue in Hanoi from the night of June 13./.