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Grab cars must have TAXI light-box or logo

Cars which provide passenger transportation via ride-hailing platforms like Grab will have to put on top TAXI sign or carry logo stickers showing that they are contract vehicles.

This is a highlight of Decree No.10/2020/ND-CP issued by the Prime Minister on January 17, replacing Decree 86/2014/ND-CP.

The new Decree regulates that the logo of contract vehicles should be stuck permanently on windshields and rear windshield of ride-hailing cars.

The move aims to create a level playing field for traditional taxi company and contract vehicles in the context of rapid science and technology development which was changing the transportation landscape and causing difficulties in management.
Apart from Grab, there are several other car-hailing applications in Vietnam, such as Be, Emddi and Vato.
In addition, eight traditional taxi companies also launched their own software such as V.Car, Thanh Cong Car, Vic.Car, HomeCar, Mai Linh Car, LB.Car, Emddi-Phuc Xuyen.