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Exhibition highlights values of Outline of Vietnamese culture to open in Hanoi

An exhibition marking the 80th anniversary of the “Outline of Vietnamese Culture” will be held in Hanoi from February 27-28.

Launch by the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the event will showcase 80 photos coming in two parts, with the first being documentary photos on the “Outline of Vietnamese Culture” and the second art photos on outstanding achievements in preserving and promoting Vietnamese cultural identities and activities in the past recent years.

The “Outline of Vietnamese Culture”, also known as the 1943 Outline on Culture, manifests the Party’s recognition of the significance of culture to the overall development of the nation.

The three principles of “nationalisation”, “popularisation”, and “scientification” stated in the document have kept their value over time, guiding the development of the national culture./.