Dazzling night show impresses visitors to Hoi An

Making its debut in May, the colorful and musically dazzling night show ‘Hoi An Memories’ has left strong impressions on visitors to the locality.

The outdoor spectacle at Hoi An Impression Theme Park in Quang Nam central province recalls the memories of the ancient town of Hoi An as a prosperous trading port over a 400-year period.

Cau (bridge) pagoda, the symbol of Hoi An, is a stage background. 

The performance starts with the image of a Vietnamese woman weaving which goes throughout the show.

The prosperous trading port is restored colorfully. 

The historic wedding of the Champa King and princess Huyen Tran in the show.

A performance impressively showing the daily life activities Hoi A people in the past. 

Bringing back the life of people living by the sides of Hoai river. 

A dance performance telling the love story of a Hoi A girl with a fisherman. 

Showing a dreamy Hoi An. 

The show displays the unique culture of Hoi An.

The performance closes with hundreds of Vietnamese girls in Ao dai.

The show, which includes folklore and contemporary dances as well as ballet, is part of a creative cultural and arts program that aims to introduce to tourists the culture and history of Hoi An in particular and Vietnam in general.

With a cast of nearly 500 actors and actresses, it is recorded as the country’s largest ever outdoor visual arts performance.

By Viet Cuong