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Biti’s -The Pride of a Vietnamese Footwear Brand

Operating with the slogan “Biti’s takes care of Vietnamese feet”, BINH TIEN IMEX CORP., PTE.,LTD (BITI'S) companyhas gained trust from customers and affirmed its position of being one of the leading footwear enterprises in Vietnam. Its products are not only prevalent in the domestic marketbut also exported to many countries around the world.
Biti’s, former two production units called Binh Tien and Van Thanh, were established in 1982 with 20 employees, and specialised in producing rubber sandals.  In 1986, the two units merged into Binh Tien Rubber Cooperative which started producing high-quality footwear for the domestic market and exporting to Eastern and Western Europe. It then changed to BINH TIEN IMEX CORP., PTE., LTD  Company. 

A shop of Biti’s in Ho Chi Minh City.

Biti’s has established a network of shops nationwide.

Biti’s products are very familiar to Vietnamese customers.

The company’s products are exported to 40 countries around the world.

Biti’s footwear for women is diverse in sizes, styles and colours.

Biti’s sport shoes are the favourite of young people.

Biti’s products gain prestige in the domestic market.

Biti’s footwear products.

Biti’s products are diverse in styles and designs, meeting the different demands of customers.  

In the early 20th century, Biti’s export volume to the market in Eastern Europe sharply decreased due to impacts fromthe political crisis in the region. Furthermore, Biti’s footwear also faced severe competition with the same products from Thailand and China in the domestic market. To overcome difficulties, Biti’swas determined to invest inits production chain by buying EVA technology from Taiwan to produce foam rubber sandals. Besides the target of expanding the market abroad and selecting China as a major export market, the company focused on occupying the domestic market by carrying out a series of drastic activities, such as registering trademarks andapplying the policy ofone price for all products which received good feedback.

In recent years, Biti’s has continually expanded its network of shops nationwide which provide customers with all types of footwear. Each month, the company introduces about 40 new products through this distribution network that helps promote the prevalence of the company’s products in the domestic market. Also, the company has carried out reforms, such as applying ERP and SAP software for management and doing projects on production, marketing and building high-class fashion brand Gosto.  It continually updates new forms of selling, such as online sales.

Annually, the company produces more than 20 million pairs of shoes and sandals of diverse styles and sizes, including fabric shoes, sport shoes, children footwear, and sandals which are the favourite in the market. In 2016, Biti’s saw an impressive change after successfully producing a type of sport shoe, Biti’s Hunter which is so far the lightest ones in Vietnam with a weight of 225g and an eye-catching appearance. Since its debut in early 2016, the shoes have stirred interest among the youth.

At present, the company has a staff of 7,000 employees with a distribution network in all regions in the country with an annual growth rate of about 20%. In the foreign market, apart from its official distributor, Cambo Trading, which distributes Biti’s products in Cambodia, Biti’s also exports its products to about 40 countries around the world, such as Italy, France, the US and Russia. The company is now a partner of many world’s leading brand names, including Decathlon, Clarks, Speedo, Skechers and Lotto.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat - Photos: Dang Kim Phuong