Local flavor

A delicacy of Hanoi in the fall

With its special flavor, an omelet with com (green sticky rice) is a favorite dish of Hanoians when autumn comes.
Com is so popular that it immortalizes autumn in Hanoi. There are many delicious dishes cooked from com, including an omelet with com which has become a familiar dish in the daily meals of the locals.

The main ingredients to make the dish are green sticky rice and eggs. The green sticky rice must come from Vong or Me Tri village, known as the best green sticky rice producers in Hanoi.

Com selected from Me Tri village. 

Main ingredients to make the dish.

Omelet with com.

It is simple to make the dish. Fresh grains of green sticky rice are mixed with eggs. After five minutes, the mixture is fried in hot oil until it turns light brownish-yellow on both sides.

Enjoying the omelet with hot rice and fish sauce is a typical experience of autumn in Hanoi

By Thanh Giang    Translated by Nguyen Tuoi