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PM asks for socio-economic stability despite Chinese disruption

Концертная программа «Лотос» рассматривается как единая картина, живо изображающая повседневную жизнь вьетнамского народа. Она состоит из таких номеров, как танец «Давайте потанцуем суэ» в исполнении юных представительниц малой народности монг района Таибак, танец «Любовь к южной земле», рассказывающий о прошлой жизни вьетнамского населения в бывшей столице Хюэ и на Юге страны, танец «Вызывание дождя», воссоздающий обычай вызова дождя представителей таингуенских малых народностей, танец «Весна на башне» в представлении прекрасной танцующей девушки народности Тьям, танец «Уличная продажа цветов», воспевающий нежную красоту девушек с лотосовыми цветами из юго-западной части страны.

Под руководством заслуженных артистов Данг Хунга и Выонг Линя известная танцовщица Вьетнама Линь Нга принесла зрителям радость общения с искусством, мастерски исполнив танец «Лотос» под музыку песни «Дневной сон», гармонично сочетающий черты традиционного и современного искусства. Великолепным был номер для двухструнной скрипки соло, а песня в стиле рэп-музыки, сделали концерт более уникальным.

Нган Ха - Фото: Чан Тхань Жанг
tive in providing the media with full and objective information on the East Sea issue.

Vietnam ’s response to China ’s East Sea provocations

Regarding the East Sea issue, PM Dung stated that China’s blatant and illegal placement of the oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone is an extremely serious violation of international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), to which China is a signatory.

“This act has been directly threatening peace, stability, maritime security and safety in the East Sea ,” he affirmed.

In the face of this situation, the Party, State and people have resolutely safeguarded the national sovereignty by peaceful means in line with international law, he said.

According to the Government leader, the entire Vietnamese nation expressed anger at and strongly condemned China ’s aggressive actions. However, in some localities, there appeared spontaneous demonstrations and some people were even incited to break the law and destroy the assets of businesses, including foreign ones.

Authorised agencies took timely measures to quickly end the disorder and will prevent any repeat of similar cases. They have also provided proper support and assistance for damaged enterprises, helping their operations resume as soon as possible.

PM Dung said through diplomatic channels over nearly a month Vietnam established contact with Chinese leaders at all levels 30 times to let them know their wrongdoing and show Vietnam’s determination in resolutely demanding that they immediately withdraw the illegal oil rig from Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has maintained its law enforcement forces and fishing vessels in the area where China ’s rig is illegally standing, he said.

At the same time, the country has also increased information campaigns to help Vietnamese people and the international public understand China ’s illegal acts in the Vietnamese waters, he added.

“These activities reflect our determination to firmly demand China move its rig out of Vietnamese waters as well as our goodwill to peacefully settle this issue in accordance with international law,” the PM stressed.

Vietnam ’s measures against China have received consensus among the people. Many countries throughout the globe raised their voice in support of Vietnam ’s just response and criticised China ’s wrongful actions that violated international law. So far, no leader of any country has declared that China ’s act is right, the PM said.

PM Dung reiterated that Vietnam ’s policy is to continue pursuing the struggle in the field to assert the national sovereignty over its waters in line with international law by maintaining coast guard and fisheries surveillance forces and fishing vessels, requesting China to immediately withdraw its illegal rig from Vietnam ’s exclusive economic zone.

Vietnam will persist with the diplomatic struggle to protect the sacred sovereignty of the nation by peaceful means. A legal lawsuit against China regarding the illegal rig placement will be considered to conform with international law.

Vietnam will also continue providing the world public and community with information on China ’s perverse actions in an honest and objective manner through various channels, he said.

In addition, the country will do its utmost to preserve its friendship with China in other fields, ensuring a normal bilateral relationship, he said, adding that it will also boost economic, trade and investment cooperation with China for the interests of both sides, and at the same time, work out measures to cope with possible unfavourable fluctuations in the economic ties between the two countries.

Later the same day, the Government Office held a press conference to inform of the outcomes of the monthly meeting and the Prime Minister’s instructions on economic, trade, investment and tourism cooperation with China .

It said that in the era of globalisation and intensive integration, Vietnam has pursued a policy of enhancing equal and mutually beneficial economic, trade and investment ties with China .

The country is also implementing economic restructuring, expanding markets and negotiating many new cooperation frameworks, including free trade agreements with major partners across the world.

The expansion and diversification of markets and the strengthening of economic, trade and investment collaborations with all partners throughout the globe aim to reduce risks from its dependence on any particular market, helping the Vietnamese economy develop in a stable and sustainable manner.