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More than 5,000 ha of mango in Dong Thap granted area codes for export

A total of 5,284 out of 12,000 hectares of mango in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap have secured area and packaging codes for export, a local official has said.

According to Huynh Tat Dat, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, of the area, 1,019 hectares are qualified for export to developed countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea (RoK), while the remainders are eligible for export to China.

The area covers localities in Cao Lanh city and Cao Lanh district, the official added.

The geographical indication for mango in Cao Lanh is the first of its kind in Dong Thap, which has helped to affirm the quality of the fruit and promote its presence in not only the domestic market but also demanding foreign markets like the US, Australia and Europe.

The grant of the area and packaging codes has also contributed to forming material areas in Dong Thap, mainly in the city and district of Cao Lanh.

Dong Thap has selected mango as one of the five products in its agricultural restructuring scheme. The Mekong Delta province has established eight cooperatives, 37 cooperative groups and 23 clubs of mango growers.

Five products of three local production facilities have been certified as OCOP products and sold at supermarkets./.