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“Miraculous Transformation” Fashion Show

“Miraculous Transformation”, a Vietnamese fashion collection, was recently showcased on the catwalk at the Kenedy Centre, Washington DC. It was  part of a wide range of activities during “Vietnam Cultural Days in the US” in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the normalisation of Vietnam-US diplomatic ties. The event co-organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnamese Embassy in the US was the first among others in fashion cooperation between the two countries.
According to Vuong Duy Bien, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, it is the first time a Vietnamese fashion show has been officially introduced at the most professional art performance centre in the US. The event served as a cultural imprint that helped promote the comprehensive partnership between the two countries and the friendship between the two peoples.

Lan Huong’s Ao dai designs.

The collection consisted of designs by renowned designers Minh Hanh,  Quang Nhat, Chula and Lan Huong. In his collection, Quang Nhat used a complicated embroidery technique to create interesting images of Vietnamese architectural works on denim, a popular material in the US, making them become more familiar to Americans.

Designer Lan Huong presented her Ao dai designs with printed and embroidered images of the landscape of the US which showed a new perspective of the Vietnamese traditional dress.

On the traditional silk material, Chula showed typical colours and icons of the US, such as the Statue of Liberty, stars and eagles. The harmony of colours and materials gave Chula’s designs a new contemporary breath.

Famous designer Minh Hanh manifested her talent  when combining successfully both traditional and modern features through images of lotus flowers and denim. Minh Hanh stated: “Through culture, we want the Americans to see a new country of Vietnam with changes which are reflected through fashion without any words. Furthermore, we want to confirm that there is not any way better than culture to bring people closer”.

Some modes by Vietnamese fashion designers  are introduced at the Kennedy:

Designer Quang Nhat with his design made from denim, a popular material in the US.

Patterns on a design by Quang Nhat.

Quang Nhat’s design with images of Vietnam.

Quang Nhat’s design with patterns of an old Hanoi.

Lotus flowers on a design by Lan Huong.

Designer Lan Huong uses the technique of printing and embroidering to create patterns on Ao dai flaps.

An Ao dai design printed with the US map.

The landscape of the US on a silk design by Chula.

A design by Chula has a new contemporary breath.

The skillful combination of denim in Minh Hanh’s designs.

Lan Huong’s design with the image of the US.

Designer Lan Huong uses the technique of printing and embroidering to create patterns on Ao dai flaps.

Chula’s design shows the American culture.  

Chula’s design shows the American culture.  
Story: Ngan Ha
Photos: Trinh Van Bo