Tsuchiya Akari a teacher for Vietnamese pre-schoolers

Tsuchiya Akari, a teacher for Vietnamese pre-schoolers

28/01/2019 10:26 GMT+7

Tsuchiya Akari, a Japanese teacher with more than six years’ experience in teaching children, has contributed to improving the education quality of preschools in Vietnam.
Takashi Niwa a green architect

Takashi Niwa, a green architect

27/01/2019 00:01 GMT+7

Japanese architect Takashi Niwa is known as an architect of green projects which are built with ordinary materials in Vietnam but show a great harmony between the environment and culture.
Maison Chance a story of love

Maison Chance, a story of love

26/01/2019 00:01 GMT+7

Twenty-five years ago, Aline Rebeaud, a 21-year-old Swiss girl, travelled through Asia unaware that Vietnam would be part of her nearly-three-decade miraculous journey called Maison Chance.