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Experiencing Korean food in Hanoi

An annual event that has been held since 2008, the Vietnam-Korea Food and Culture Festival took place in Hanoi with a unique culinary space, attracting a large number of Hanoi residents and tourists.
The 9th Vietnam-Korea Food and Culture Festival was held during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea by the Korean Embassy in Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Cultural Centre in Hanoi.

At the festival, visitors had a chance to enjoy delicious dishes of both Vietnam and South Korea and learn about the cuisine and popular food ingredients of South Korea.  Many Korean food companies took the opportunity to introduce their products to Vietnamese customers.

The 9th Vietnam - Korea Food Culture - Food Festival held in Hanoi attracts a large number of young people.
Chefs prepare traditional dishes at the Vietnam-Korea Chef Competition.

The stall selling Korean black noodles is crowed with visitors.

Tokbokki is an indispensable food in Korea's culinary events.

Korean grilled cuttlefish is the favourite of many young people.
Vietnamese Pho cuon is sold at the festival.

Vietnamese organic vegetables are sold at the festival.

The festival introduces tourists to both countries’ typical dishes.

During the festival, many activities about promoting trade and tourism were held to strengthen connectivity between the two countries’ companies and increase bilateral trade.

The highlight of this festival was the Vietnamese-Korean Chef Competition. The jury consisted of Chef Lee Won II who is the most popular chef in South Korea. At the contest, young Vietnamese chefs learned about the rich cuisine of Korea and demonstrated their skills in cooking delicious Vietnamese dishes. At the Kimchi stall, many tourists were curious when seeing the Korean chefs making this typical Korean food.

Young people participate in games at the festival.

Young people prepare some Korean dishes.

Visitors participate in the traditional Tuho, a game of Korea.
The contest of eating Korean mixed noodles attracts many visitors.
The festival is also a chance to promote Korean drinks in Vietnam.
Visitors wear the traditional Hanbok dress of Korea.
Participating in the Festival, young people have a chance to learn about Korean culture.

According to Heo Songmoo, counselor for food & drug safety affairs at the South Korean Embassy, the cuisines of both countries have become more popular thanks to festivals. In 2016 alone, the number of visitors to the festival reached a record of more than 100,000 people.

With a series of activities, the 9th Vietnam-Korean Food Culture-Food Festival introduced to Hanoians to a unique space of shopping, culture and cuisine.

Story: Thuc Hien - Photos: Tat Son