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Comic Strips by Reinhard Kleist

In the celebration of European literature days in Vietnam, Reinhard Kleist, a famous comic-strip artist, recently introducedto the Vietnamese audience unique comic works which were inspired by music. 
In Hanoi, he held an exhibition which displayed his comic strips and graphic novels about famous people like singers Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Cuban Revolutionist Fidel Castro. At the exhibition, Reinhard Kleist showed his drawing skills in a live show where his drawings were inspired by the songs of Johnny Cash. While a band performed the songs of the country musician, Kleist  created a drawing for each song. Thanks to a camera at the back of the artist, the audience is able to witness the development of the art live. Through Kleist’s drawings, the music-legend Johnny Cash was brought back to life one more time. He also redrew two works of  Nick Cave which have never been made public, leaving a strong impression on viewers.

During his stay in Hanoi, besides the show, the artist also created some simple and charming artworks of Vietnam, such as an old guard near the ward’s loudspeaker and Hanoians riding motorbikes. All his works have an overwhelming colour of yellow with a red flag.

At present, comics have positive impacts on the social life in both Germany and Vietnam. Comics tell stories of daily life that nourish children’s souls and affirm human’s desires for real living values. Reinhard Kleist’s comic strips and novels have been published in many nations all over the world.

He established a blog,http://www.goethe.de/ins/vn/de/han/kul/hpt/bkt/rkh.html, and posted his drawings bout Vietnam during his stay in Hanoi.


Artist Reinhard Kleist introduces his works at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi. 

Readers who love his comics attend the show. 

Foreign audiences enjoy Reinhard Kleist’s works at his exhibition. 

Đặc biệt, 2 bức vẽ chưa từng được ông công bố về Nicholas Edward (thường gọi là Nick Cave) thì lần này cũng được ông vẽ lại trên nền nhạc của vị nhạc sỹ này. Khi trình diễn những tác phẩm này, ông đã mang đến những cảm xúc tuyệt vời cho khán giả Việt Nam.

Những ngày sống tại Hà Nội, ngoài trình diễn hòa nhạc truyện tranh, Reinhard Kleist còn giới thiệu nhiều tác phẩm vẽ về Việt Nam bình dị và thu hút như: hình ảnh ông bảo vệ bên cạnh chiếc loa phường, người Hà Nội đi xe máy... Toàn bộ tranh của ông đều thể hiện tông vàng và nổi bật với lá cờ đỏ trong khuôn hình.

Artworks of Reinhard Kleist showcased at the exhibition. 



Reinhard Kleist was born in 1970 in Germany. He studied graphic design at the Fachhochschule Münster. Apart from his work on new novels and comic-strips, Kleist gives lectures on comic-strips and graphic novels at international seminars. He has been awarded many prizes, including the Max and Moritz Prize, the most prestigious award on graphic literature in German speaking countries.  


Story: Bich Van - Photos: Van Quyen