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Bright future for cloud computing

The cloud computing market in Vietnam will see a boom in the next two or three years and become an important factor for the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country, according to Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of Viettel IDC.

He spoke at a conference entitled “Cloud computing: a foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” held recently in Hanoi.

He said Vietnam is spending on cloud computing in the country in 2010-16 period rose by 64.4 percent – the highest rate in the ASEAN region. In 2018, Vietnam's Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) reached 41 out of 100 points, taking the 14th position in the ranking of cloud service coverage in Asia.

“This has shown that the cloud computing model has become popular and will gradually prevail over traditional IT models,” said Dung, adding that the model was expected to have stronger growth and more diversification.

However, the annual cloud computing expenditure of 1.7 USD per capita in Vietnam remains extremely low compared to other countries in the region.

The expenditure in Singapore was 107 times higher, while in Malaysia and Thailand it was 6.5 times and 2.4 times higher respectively.

The figure showed that the demand for cloud computing in Vietnam would be big in the future due to its benefits.

A survey conducted by Viettel IDC revealed that enterprises could save up to 40 percent of initial investment costs by using Private cloud services as well as reducing four to six weeks’ worth of exploitation and removing all human resource costs for the system’s operation.

The director said people often talk about four technologies, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Cloud has been the foundation which AI, IoT and Big Data will need for operation.

“Cloud could be seen as a foundation for the industry 4.0. It was the reason that Viettel decided to invest in cloud computing to serve its pioneers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We expect to create an industry 4.0 as we have done in IT sector. A strong foundation would be for the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Viet Nam in the next few years,” Dung added.