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A Concert on Do Paper

Painter Vu Thai Binh is well-known for paintings on Do paper (a type of paper made from the bark of the poonah tree). His paintings seem to form “a colourful concert” which showcases the painter’s delicacy and meticulousness. 
The painter acknowledged that he began painting on Do paper in 2013. The most sophisticated stage is to draw on this traditional material because if there is any mistake, it is impossible to change. In order to create the beautiful colours for the painting, the artist must pay much attention to all details. The more he works with Do paper the more he becomes passionate about the material which is imbued with the national soul. 

Working place of Vu Thai Binh. 

He is careful on every line.

His landscape paintings, with overwhelming warm and dark hues, lead viewers to real moments of the simple life in different regions of the country. These works include “Ten Hamlets in Dien Bien”, “Poom Coong Hamlet in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh” and “Early Spring”.

The artist also reproduces the typical cultural space of countryside in the North through a series of works, namely “The Landscape of Nghia Hung, Nam Dinh”, “The Landscape of Hung Yen”, “Sunshine”, “Peaceful” and“A Small Village”. Viewing his paintings, the images of chickens looking for food, pigs playing and cows returning home reminds the viewers of their childhood. To have such success in depicting the landscape, Vu Thai Binh masters skills and techniques using reasonable contrasting colours to create special light for each painting.

The artist also creates a series of portraits on Do paper, such as “Missing Grandma in Winter”, “Grandfather”, “Older Than”,“My Daughter”, “My Villager”, “The Red Dao Women” and “The H’mong Women”. All shows his creativity and ardent passion for the traditional materials.

Some works on Do paper of painter Vu Thanh Binh:

“Maternal Grandfather”.


 “The Red Dao Women”.

“A Small Village”.

 “Returning Home”.

 “A Lu Ethnic Girl Making Wine – Lai Chau”.

 “A Cluster of Bananas”.

 “Two friends”.


“On the Veranda”.

 “On the Wharf”.

“Ten Hamlets in Dien Bien”.

 “Grandma and Son”.

Soulful portraits on Do paper.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long