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Vietnamese Children’s Choir Wins Awards in Germany

Thanks to a new and lively folk performing style, the Vietnamese children’s choir, Sol Art, not only won the hearts of the European audiences, but also won a gold medal at the 7th International Johannes Brahms Choir Competition and Festival in Germany.
The 7th International Sohannese Brahms Choir Competition and Festival drew the participation of 48 choirs from 17 countries and territories around the world. The Vietnamese children’s choir included 37 singers from the ages of six to sixteen, led by choir director Dang Chau Anh.
At this competition, the Vietnamese children’s choir competed in the folklore category with two Cong Khao’s folk songs, “The Chicken Crows” and “Cutting Wood to Build Boats” and an E De folk song “Jil Bird Goes Swimming”.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hoang Tuan Anh, awards a certificate of merit to music lecturer Dang Chau Anh
and the Sol Art choir.

The Vietnamese children’s choir, Sol Art, at the 7th international Johannese Brahms Choir competition and festival in Germany.

During a training lesson with a foreign expert.

It was the first time the little Vietnamese artists introduced to the European audiences new and lively performances. They did not stand still like the traditional choir, but always moved and changed their positions to form interesting shapes. Their traditional costumes, such as Ao dai (traditional long dress), Ao tu than (four panel traditional dress), Xa rong of Tay Nguyen (the Central Highlands) and traditional musical instruments like the fan, gongs and bamboo also fascinated the audience.
With their impressive performances, the Vietnamese children’s choir achieved great success exceeding their expectations. Therefore, both choir director Dang Chau Anh and her students were so surprised that they could not believe that they won a gold medal for their folklore performance. They also received an Audience Prize and an Outstanding Performance Award.
It is not the first time that Vietnam’s Sol Art choir has won international prizes. It captured a silver medal at the first Vietnam International Choir Festival in Hoi An (in March, 2011) and a bronze medal at the World Choir Championship 2009 in South Korea.

Sol Art’s performance.

According to choir director Dang Chau Anh the success of the Sol Art choir serves as an impetus for Vietnam to promote the development of this children’s art genre that helps develop and nourish the soul, feelings and personality of children. Furthermore, it also helps children practice and learns characters like discipline, confidence, creativeness and the ability for team-work that is very necessary in current life.
It is expected that with sound investment Vietnam will get more fruitful achievements in this modern art genre. In terms of modern music, Vietnam has some well-known artists, such as pianist Dang Thai Son and violist Bui Cong Duy.
Story: Vinh Hung - Photos: Tat Son
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