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Graceful Lotus Dance

To highlight the beauty of the lotus which is worth to be considered the national flower of Vietnam, artists from Bong Sen Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City, have staged and introduced to the public a unique dance programme called “Lotus Dance”.
With its beauty and fragrance, the lotus is the icon for the beauty and pureness of Vietnamese women and the spiritual and cultural beauty of the Vietnamese nation. For this reason, the artistic programme consists of a series of stories about this flower through dances and a traditional and modern artistic language.

Dancer Linh Nga incarnates into a lotus dance.

The “Lotus” dance starts the artistic programme.

Linh Nga seems to sublimate with each dance.

Linh Nga and her younger brother, Long Phi perform together.
The combination between dances and the performance of Nhi (Vietnamese two-chord fiddle) and rappers creates the unique features of the “Lotus” dance.
The pure beauty of lotus and cultural features of regions in the country are presented through each dance.

Thanks to the direction of a famous couple, Dang Hung and his wife, Vuong Linh, and the spectacular performance of their daughter, famous dancer Linh Nga, the programme with 13 items is a picture reflecting the life of Vietnamese people from the North to the South with images of the lotus. Through the dances that depict the daily activities of people in the old imperial capital of Hue and the southern area in the past or the rite of praying for rain of the ethnic people in Tay Nguyen, the viewers see the image of the lotus in every dance movement, in the patterns decorated on the artist’s costume or even the arrangement of the stage. The art of dance helps create a beautiful image of the lotus using different expressions. An art critic said that mystery, popularity and elegance are the typical beauty of the lotus.
The programme is a new and daring expression by dancer Linh Nga with a desire to show the viewers not only the beauty of the art of dancing but also the beauty of the lotus that is rooted in the culture of the Vietnamese people.
Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tran Thanh Giang
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